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Muhammad Ali was the epitome of self belief, never doubting what he could achieve. He has often been voted the greatest boxer of all time and achieved records not only for his sporting skill but also drawing record numbers of viewers to his title fights. Never afraid of going against the grain and making a stand for his beliefs, he came to be an inspiration to fans across the globe.


Ali knew how to create an event that everyone was invested in, something exciting and dynamic. At Widdop, we too want to create a buzz and enthuse everyone who takes part in our seminars and show events with energy and excitement about the year to come.

  • Launch Webinar on January 5th at 3pm

  • Gift and Home Webinars on January 19th and February 9th with special guest speakers

  • Appearance at Spring Fair at Home

  • Dream Awards Facebook & Instagram ceremony on Friday 19th March

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